Data Analyst

Job description

Hi there! We’re growing the Data team in our Madrid’s office, and you can be a part of that journey. Are you looking for an adventure?

Who are we? We’re OrbitalAds – a diverse team of passionate problem-solvers focused on keyword management, which translates into time and money savings for all companies running digital advertisements with our cool product.

We are proud to be named one of the Google Premier Partners as well as flaunt a nice 300% growth YoY.

Our customers <3 our product! We hardly have any churn, which makes our story a compelling one. Recently we closed big deals like Repsol and Cetelem.

What’s so cool about all this? You are joining a Series A phase growth company – which means you’ll reap the glory of bringing us to the next stage and change the way the business world communicates. There is no complex hierarchy. We don’t do long approval processes. We just deliver. You will be joining a company with highly skilled, smart people that are all overachievers and want to be “the best”

As a Data Analyst, you will:

  • Experience working on a dynamic and interdisciplinary environment: you will work closely with Engineering, Product and Marketing teams.
  • Identify new business opportunities and answer critical business questions about Digital Marketing through deep data analysis in order to make our product more intelligent.
  • Experiment with machine learning approaches to solve complex business problems no one has ever attempted before.
  • Explore NLP state of the art with various datasets, building new products and evolving existing models.


What skills do you need?

  • +2 years of professional experience in a data scientist or analyst role; experience applied to NLP, time series or digital marketing data problems are a plus.
  • Degree in analytical-related fields (Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science or other technical field).
  • Good English communication skills, written and spoken.
  • A proactive and analytical mindset: the ability to deep dive into our datasets and generate insightful analyses that enable us to improve different elements of product and business operations.
  • Skills to handle with databases and to write queries in SQL.
  • Be familiar with any notebooks tool: Jupyter, Google Colab, Google Datalab, Databricks...
  • Strong coding skills in Python with data analysis and visualizing and machine learning libraries (numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly...).

What other skills do we value?

  • You know about Google Ads and how it works.
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform data products (BigQuery, BigTable, Datastore, etc.).
  • Knowledge about generating and visualizing graphs and networks (e.g.: Neo4j, igraph...)
  • You enjoy reading academic papers and implementing experimental systems.
  • Hands-on analytical experience on large volumes of data.

Why you might NOT enjoy this position:

  • You want a highly-structured, predictable day-to-day.
  • You prefer to be managed; you act when asked and let others come up with ideas.
  • Fast-paced environments make your head spin.

What do we offer you:

  • A competitive salary.
  • A flexible and fun working environment of startups in the very center of Madrid.
  • An opportunity to make a team grow from the start.
  • An office where everyone breathes SaaS and looks for scalable solutions.